About Us

About Us

Shoehorn Press is a design studio based in Orlando, FL.

We are a creative co-op founded on the ideals of creating, collaborating, and promoting products we love and feel passionate about.

Spooky Cat Press, our first venture, is a passion project years in the making. Like many gothic & horror fanatics, we dream of Halloween all year. We want to tastefully integrate all our favorite spooky themes into elevated, usable products with this idea in mind. We're all about creating wearable goth clothing, ghoulish gifts & greeting cards, and other lifestyle products made for horror-loving, low-key goths like ourselves. Our goal with Spooky Cat is to fulfill this niche, creating a shared sensibility for beautifully designed spooky-themed products made for every day, every season, and every occasion.


Meet the Spooky Cat Team

Spooky Cat Staff - Co-Founder Sandi

Sandi Hsu Horan

Co-Founder / Creative Lead

Sandi has an extensive background specializing in Product Branding & Packaging, Print, Pattern, and Surface Design, and Apparel Illustration. With the culmination of these skills, it's time to spread her dark wings and fly.

Likes: Victorian gothic themes, Cats, Mid-Century Modern decor (somehow blended with gothic touches), Anything circa 1960's, BBC Period dramas, Referencing "The Sopranos"

Dislikes: Sports, Tanning, When people wear backpacks without a shirt

Favorite Color: Black (of course)

On Her Playlist: Chromatics, Beach House, Phantogram


Spooky Cat Staff - Co-Founder Terrence

Terrence Horan

Co-Founder / Creative Lead

Terrence has been drawing as long as he remembers. He studied Illustration at SCAD and has spent his professional career in News Design and Illustration. His true passion has always been dark humor and creating spooky illustrations.

Likes: Horror movies, , 80's Sci-Fi, The Simpsons, Video games, All things Halloween, Cats

Dislikes: Sports, Facebook, The burning sun, Troy Oxford

Favorite Color: Black

On His Playlist: NIN, Radiohead, Massive Attack, Synthwave


Spooky Cat Staff - Creative Partner Troy

Troy Oxford

Creative Partner

Troy is a professional Illustrator and Information Designer with over 20 years of experience. Troy has created everything from app icons to massive murals, and his clients range from local merchants to international companies.

Likes: Horror movies, Hijinks, Dark humor, Animals more than most humans.

Dislikes: Cannibal buffets

Favorite Color: Pantone 426C or 447C if he's feeling frisky

On His Playlist: Pre-'90s punk


Meet the Contributors

Spooky Cat Staff - Marketing Coordinator Claire

Claire Bench

Marketing Coordinator

Claire is currently studying for a Master's Degree in Public relations and Global Communications at the University of Florida.

Likes: True Crime Documentaries, Video Games, Music Festivals

Dislikes: Ignorance, Country Music, Choosing the restaurant

Favorite Color: Lavender Purple

On Her Playlist: The Smiths, Tame Impala, Mac Demarco, My Morning Jacket, The Cure, Alice in Chains


Spooky Cat Staff - Model Liv

Liv Stokes

Model / Social Media Ambassador

Liv has a passion for art, Mother Nature, and all things sinister and spooky. She credits this to her zodiac sign, Scorpio.

Likes: Nature, Horror movies, Animals, and Photography

Dislikes: Celery, Math

Favorite Color: Dark Purple

On Her Playlist: Country, Rap, Reggae


Spooky Cat Staff - Model Sam

Samuel Robinson

Model / Social Media Ambassador

Sam is an aspiring baker with a love for fashion and all things fun. He loves taking photos and modeling with his friends.

Likes: Baking, Photography, and Exploring the World.

Dislikes: Tanning, Sitting around doing nothing

Favorite Color: Green or Blue

On His Playlist: Joji, Doja, Nicki, and Tame Impala



We love paper greetings and gift wrap but we also LOVE OUR PLANET!
We are striving to use and source sustainably whenever possible. As our company grows, so will our options.

  • GREETINGS CARDS - Our cards are printed in studio, on acid free card stock made from 30% Post Consumer Recycled Content.
  • We tried many papers before choosing our linen card stock for the beautiful print quality and commitment to sustainability.
  • ENVELOPES - Our envelopes are made from 100% Recycled Paper
  • CELLOPHANE - The cello bags we are using in most of our packaging are plant-based PLA (polylactic acid) and are certified compostable.

Supporting Local & Domestic Resources + GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY

  • We believe in community. We will strive to partner with local print shops and other domestic resources to produce Spooky Cat goods.
  • 10% of each Spooky Cat T-shirt goes to supporting a local charity. A percentage of our profits will also be donated to a National Cause.
  • We want our brand to reflect our belief in the greater good, in shared creativity, a feeling of belonging, and expressing one's passion.

Reuse / Upcycle / Recycle

We're looking for ways to reuse or give multiple purposes for paper gift wrap and greeting cards. If you have any ideas, please share them!


Feedback? Want to Collaborate? Are you a Stockist?